Cat Writer BJ Bangs

BJ Bangs, an award-winning author, blogger/journalist, communications professional, and photographer, writes mostly about cats, in her published book, blog, or freelance articles.

‘Who Needs Men, I’ve Got Cats’ is written in honor of my beloved Siamese Cat, Linus, who was the love of my life. While the idea of the book had been brewing for about a decade, when he passed in 2020, I just knew I had to make this book a reality. If anyone is fed up with dating, particularly women, this book is ideal for them. It would make a great Valentine’s Day, birthday, or Mother’s Day gift.

It is no surprise that I would write a parody about cats and dating.

First of all, I love cats, so much so that I write about cat news, cat tourism, and all kinds of cat info at www.bjbangs.net (Paws Cat-O-Sphere for Cat Lovers). As the proud human guardian to many cats over the years, I am committed to letting people know how great cats are for us physically and emotionally. Cats can be our soul-mates, and ‘Who Needs Men, I’ve Got Cats’ lets you know just how cats can be just that.


Cat Author BJ Bangs

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