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imagePam Matthews

Fanciful tale of a woman tired of dating, who meets the “cat” of her dreams

September 4, 2023

Loved the premise of this well-written tale, expertly illustrated throughout to bring this story to life. The character of Siam is the “man” every woman dreams about, the purr-fect soulmate for this exasperated woman who’s had it with the dating game. B.J. Bangs brings humor and truth to her first book, and I hope this will be the first of many. A great idea to gift to a young dating woman, or anyone who loves cats!

imageGerry Norton

Wonderful story!

August 31, 2022

Loved the story and look forward to more books by this author. Her illustrations are just phenomenal, the storyline is intriguing. Great job BJ. Bangs.


Very refreshing read

August 26, 2022

Great idea for all cat-loving friends

imageBarbara Arsenault

I am not a fan of cats but am a big fan of this book!

December 4, 2021

I am excited to receive the two copies of this book today. What a perfect gift for animal lovers and for people like myself who do not miss the dating game. The book is cleverly written and beautifully illustrated. I would suggest turning off the news and read this book as it is a marvelous escape. “Who Needs Men, I’ve Got Cats! “ also addresses relatable issues of acceptance and diversity. I highly recommend this book!


A cat can be a purr-fect companion!

November 22, 2021

This delightful story follows Autumn as she searches for the perfect match. When she finds Siam, a cat-like human, (or is he a human-like cat?!) she’s intrigued, amazed, and thrilled with Siam’s endearing qualities that make him an ideal companion. Follow Autumn and Siam as they go on adventures together as they get to know each other. Will Siam’s cat friends like Autumn? Will Autumn’s parents accept Siam? Truly a remarkable tale told from Autumn’s viewpoint. For those ladies looking for something better in a relationship, this story will be a real eye-opener!

imageWater & Wings

A fanciful, whimsical page-turner!

November 14, 2021

The imaginative romance of Autumn the human and Siam the cat culminating in a proposal was by far my most entertaining read in a long time. I couldn’t wait to turn each page to see to what “over the top” use Siam would put that long tail of his! Autumn met Siam the cat at a party given by a dear friend and the book details their astonishing dates – from dinner and dancing to picnics. One of their funniest times together was an outdoor fishing excursion where Siam demonstrated the art of “claw fishing” – something Autumn had a hard time mastering. The illustrations for the book were inspiring, and a true delight, and they added fun to my reading experience. This book is, I think, appropriate for all ages. It is a treasure of imagination, laughter, and the fun of seeing where Autumn and Siam will travel on their next get-together.

A dividing line made out of cats

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